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About this item

  • Reliability: Alkaline AAA batteries tested under strict quality control standards. Tested to outperform standard alkaline batteries.
  • High quality: Premium triple A alkaline batteries ensure longer battery life and long lasting power.
  • Get the exact fresh AAA LR03 battery: Have full 1.5 Volts charge, 10 years shelf life.
  • Safety: Zero mercury LiCB aaa household batteries offer premium performance in a variety of devices.
  • What you get: 40 PCS AAA battery. 18-month warranty and friendly customer service.
  • Available on more devices: Such as remote controls, flashlights, toys, wireless mice, wireless keyboards, clocks, flameless candles, LED lights, toothbrushes, digital cameras, headlamps, blood pressure monitors, golf launch monitors, shooting earmuffs, shavers, CD players, wireless headsets, game consoles, etc...

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